Personal Armour Systems Symposium 2014


August 2014:
Electronic presentation deadline


Sponsored by IPAC

The International Personal Armour Committee (IPAC) is pleased to announce that PASS 2014 will be held in the United Kingdom from 8th-12th September 2014 at Robinson College, Cambridge, UK

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Sponsored by Revision Military MTC logo

Revision Military has a unique combination of military, product design, research and manufacturing expertise which enables it to 'put it all together' in ways that challenge perceptions about what a company is capable of. Revision’s Research and Development efforts are mission critical to the development and fielding of high-performance, high-protection soldier solutions.

The team — comprised of industry experts from every facet of science — brings to the table over 100 years of combined experience in physics, chemistry, materials sciences, laser protective technologies and composite manufacturing. Specific areas of expertise include: optics; lens coating development and application; industrial machine design; advanced laser research; and material development, characterization and testing.

Revision has a Product Development team that synthesises end-user and industry needs into innovative product solutions. The cross-functional team pulls from the disciplines of industrial design, human factors, simulation, rapid prototyping and program management to design, test, iterate and deliver innovative protective solutions for military customers worldwide.

The Operations and Manufacturing teams have specialists in the fields of injection molding, optical coating systems, and resin compound formulation working under a stringent quality management system and achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Revision prides itself on its extensive relationships with militaries worldwide and understands the critical importance of enabling on-going dialogue between the end-users that wear the soldier protective systems. Many of Revision's employees are former military themselves providing a unique and intuitive understanding of the evolving needs of the modern soldier.

Morgan Advanced Materials Composites and Defence Systems combines core competencies in materials technology, manufacturing and systems integration to design and deliver products of outstanding performance. It solves complex engineering problems for specialist applications in defence and commercial markets including medical, transport, aerospace and energy.

Morgan takes pride in the agility with which it is able to respond to customer needs and is committed to the delivery of value through long term customer relationships. It has a longstanding pedigree as a strategic supplier of world-leading protection technology and vehicle systems to the UK MOD.

With broad manufacturing capabilities, comprehensive in-house test facilities, end-to-end engineering expertise and collaborative approach, Morgan routinely achieves exceptional products to demanding customer specifications.

Sponsored by DSM Dyneema

DSM Dyneema® is a premium brand of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE). The company manufactures and sells products in several forms including fiber, tape and uni-directional (UD) sheets. DSM is committed to building a strong brand for the benefit of its authorised users across the value chain and developers across the globe.

The Dyneema® trademark or logo promoted on an end product provides end users with a guarantee that they are investing in performance and quality. It represents a valuable mix of know-how, service and innovation which is protected (via IP) and leveraged for the benefit of the licensed, authorised partners and end users. DSM makes access to its intellectual asset portfolio (including its patents) readily available worldwide through licensing programs.

DSM believes in the fact that the total offering of intangible assets drives continuous innovation and is a source of inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Dyneema®: with you when it matters...